How to Integrate Payment Gateway In A Mobile Application

Hiring professionals to integrate the payment gateway to an app will also be necessary for ensuring its success. The integration of payment gateway begins with a merchant account.

There are two types of merchant accounts: 

Dedicated account and,
Aggregate account.

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Mobile Application Development FAQS

Mobile Application Development FAQS FAQS are the essential part of any organization that provides the assurance to the client on deciding the company eligible for their project development. It is one of the initial researches for the client to get the outlooks and views of the company. The statements in the FAQs matters a lot to the client as it contribute in decision making. The process of decision making in selecting the right company for clients is the thinking process of the company and handling the basic queries to the clients before it has been asked. FAQs define the working process and provide the capability of handling the project at extreme level. FAQs are less in numbers but the effort behind this is huge as various kinds of teams are working hard to come up with each and every possibility of FAQs for the Company. The integrity of the company lies in these FAQs that how much it will articulate to the client through this medium then better the chances of availing the projects…

Hire Mobile App Development Company In Florida & Miami

Hire Mobile App Development Company In Florida & Miami

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Home brain - Best Home Automation App

Home brain - Home Automation System App from Rapidsoft Technologies Best Home Automation App - Automate the home appliances {Ac, Refrigerator, Lights, Fan & etc. } from the app. You can switch ON or OFF these devices as well as can set the frequency of these devices. You can access these devices from any location even 50 km’s away from a house. Rapidsoft is one of the leading mobile app development company. Our mobile application development services are the perfect blend of creativity, technology, innovation and acumen. Visit us:

The top of the paybacks to retailers when they use Magento eCommerce Technology

If you are an online retailer, you have probably heard of Magento – the eCommerce platform for content management. And if you have not heard about it so far, let me reveal you about the top of paybacks that e-retailers can receive and, many are already receiving when they power their businesses with the Magento eCommerce technology.

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform for managing the content of retailing websites. It comes with a wide range of customizable options and features. The Magento platform now has ability to make online shopping experience even better; better than ever before. Let us learn about the key paybacks that retailers attain through Magento eCommerce website development:

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How IoT will change Auto Insurance

To determine policy premiums, auto insurers have traditionally used factors such as driving record, vehicle usage and insurance history. This is in addition to outside variables like customer location (collision/theft rates in the area), age and gender (teen males tend to have higher rates), and non-driving elements like credit score.Recently, however, some insurance companies have begun to harness the internet of things to monitor real-time driving habits. By employing telematics devices, which plug in to the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic port, insurers are provided with analytics about a policyholder’s specific behind-the-wheel behaviors. So, instead of paying for collision coverage even when the vehicle is parked in the garage, customers would only pay for it when the car’s being driven. Read Full Article